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HemingWeigh Yoga Kit

The HemingWeigh Yoga Kit give you all you need to unleash your inner yogi. The 6 piece kit is a great addition to any home gym for anyone looking to do yoga or athletes wanting to do it on the side. The mat, blocks, straps, carry strap and towels are all included to give you the best equipment you need to achieve your best self.


HemingWeigh Yoga Kit provides you with all you need to become a certified Yogi. The full kit from mat to blocks allows you to perform yogi whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Yogi. This set will help you unleash your inner self and give you all the benefits yoga can provide.

HemingWeigh Yoga kit details:

  • Yoga mat – made from eco-friendly NBR material provides you with a comfortable and non-slip surface to practice yoga on. Therefore allowing you to successfully achieve all yoga positions without the fear of falling due to slippery surfaces.
  • Yoga straps – providing you with additional flexibility. Providing you with the extra push you need to stretch deeper and improve your motion. This ensuring that each yoga exercise contributes to your overall workout effectively.
  • Yoga blocks – have an EVA bevelled edge that helps you perform more advanced level yoga poses. Blocks help you maintain your body posture and balance.
  • Microfiber towels are included in the kit to keep you and your equipment clean and ensure safety during your exercise. They are super-absorbent and comfortable, giving you the ability to clean up your sweat and continue working out.
  • Carry straps are a simple yet crucial part of any yoga kit as it allows you to pack away your equipment easily. Keeping your home gym clean and tidy help keep you safe and your mind clearer as well.