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The workout that will speak directly to your heart

Ask ten men at the gym what they think of cardio programs. Half will answer “I’m bored” and the other half will respond even worse: “I hate them, I cannot, I spite them”. But why do almost all men hate cardiovascular training to such an extent? The answer is simple: cardio is monotonous, it hurts, and it makes you sweat.

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Indeed, for the uninitiated, this is roughly what happens in a cardio workout – we are talking mainly about running on the treadmill, cycling and all the other aerobic training machines in the gym – where you are presumably forced to cover kilometres that lead nowhere, while at the same time you see everything glassy: your tongue comes out, your spleen stings, your lungs burn, your waist, knees, legs “play”.

However, cardiorespiratory training is the most valuable thing your contact with the gym can give you, with huge benefits that do not only have to do with the proper functioning of your heart, lungs, spleen, liver and brain. but also, with the faster (and easier) development of your muscles – without a lot of pure oxygen in your blood, your weight resistance will look like a small child. What’s more, keep in mind that without cardio, the fat from your belly is not going to go away as fast as you expect.

How to turn a cardio program from an exhausting chore to a challenging workout

We said, cardio hurts. But it does not have to be boring. That’s why experts in training have found alternative exercises and cardiovascular improvement programs that best suit the character and nature of people.

à We start with HIIT training: a style of physical exercise that is considered ideal for burning fat and building muscle through short bursts of overly intense activity. Not only do you burn more calories but you also boost your metabolism and increase the strength of your muscles.

à Second cardio workout option is fast reps with lighter dumbbells or bars: one of the favourite pieces of CrossFit philosophy.

à Exercise with your own weight is just as effective: A series of exercises based on art training, are a debilitating challenge for both your cardiovascular system and the entire muscular system.

à Fourth alternative cardio choice is the rope a la Tabata: If you want to burn crazy calories (10 per minute), melt fat and stimulate your physical condition on the spot, try these exercises with a rope and say bye-bye to stubborn fat.

à Shadow boxing: Stand with your feet wide apart and raise your fists in front of your chin or nose. Now punch right in front of you. Remember that your knuckles should come forward. Use both arms alternately.

To start with, you can do 50 air punches with each hand. Just remember to keep your core and arm muscles strong. Try to hit the air forcefully for maximum impact. And since speed is key, try to go as fast as you can. 

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