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Fitness cable pulley system enhances your home gym with versatile strength training options for effective workouts.

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Fitness Cable Pulley System

About this item

  • 1x Upgrade Loading Pin, 1x Silent Pulley Block, 1x Steel Cable, 1x Cable Loop, 2x Security Buckles, 1x Tool, 1x Straight Rod, 1x Tricep Strap, 1x Double Layer Lanyard, 3x Carabiners.
  • LAT Pulldown and Lift. By changing the connection between the gourd buckle and the high-strength alloy cable to train shoulders and back, biceps curl, triceps pull down, latitude pull down, line, fly.
  • Upgraded loading stand with a cushion at the bottom to reduce damage to the ground, loading up to 100kg. 2 Meters high-strength steel cable with double security buckles to maintain strength, durability and smooth operation. A tool for free is included to adjust the length.
  • The fitness pulley cable can be connected to the power frame, pull rods, beams and wherever a belt can be installed, its small package size allows you to take it anywhere to meet your daily workout.
  • The cable gravity ball can prevent the cable from shaking during use. The closed alloy buckle does not break or loose, providing adequate protection. Silent pulley ensures no extra noise during operation.
Brand: LFJ
Material: Alloy Steel
Handle type: Fixed Handle
Maximum weight recommendation: 100 Kilograms